Bronze and ceramics


Since I was young I have had an urge to express myself and was engaging in all kinds of art. Making sculptures and statues are essential for me. I'm always occupied with it: good ideas are usualy born when I wake up. I enjoy working with clay and wax the most.

I find my inspiration mostly in man and nature. For me, the challenge lies in displaying the essence of being human: the emotion, the body language, the experience . I try to create the inexpressible in my form language and try to evoke something in the viewer.

The expression can take many forms. Beautiful lines and natural forms fascinate me enormously.

I had an increasingly desire to reduce, get to the core. I often leave out details, so that everyone can let his imagination run freely. I try, however, to have the emotion visualize . So that you get a minimum of detail but a maximum of expressiveness.

Simplicity and peace are a great values in the era we live in. The power of simple design is captured in restraint.

My vision is  'less is more'.